I am done with Penguins movie!

Penguins of Madagascar
I've delivered my last shot today for "Penguins of Madagascar" movie.

It was a fun and exciting 7 weeks. Our team did a very good and almost impossible job lighting a very complex sequence of 86 shots and 3 minutes 47 seconds long.

I have not seen the whole movie yet. But from what I've seen so far I can say that this is going to be a great movie!

Here is a picture of our team with directors of the movie.


From left to right:

Isabelle Feintrenie - Production Coordinator

Gabriel Portnof - CG supervisor

Wei-Feng Huang - Technical Director

Eric Darnell - Director

Kirill Smolskiy - Ligting Artist

Simon J Smith - Director

Erich Burchfeild - Technical Assistant

Sondra Verlander - Lead Lighting Artist

Dmitry Shklyar - Lighting Artist

Lyndon Li - Lead Lighting Artist

Rupali Parekh - Ligting Artist

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