TURBO is a high-velocity 3D comedy about a snail who dares to dream big - and fast. After a freak accident infuses him with the power of super-speed, Turbo kicks into overdrive and embarks on an extraordinary journey to achieve the seemingly impossible: competing in the world's fastest race, the Indianapolis 500. With the help of his tricked-out streetwise snail crew, this ultimate underdog puts his heart and shell on the line to prove that no dream is too big, and no dreamer too small.


Kirill Smolskiy started working on Turbo in May 2012 as a Lighting Technical Assistant. He worked close with lead lighters helping set up sequences for lighters. Kirill was shortly promoted to a Production Lighter in July 2012.


Working on a movie for 11 months Kirill worked on 7 movie sequences and completed 60 shots (~4 minutes total length). After the movie was delivered Kirill Smolskiy worked on few tv commercials and French poster for the movie.


Kirill's work highlights:

  • look development of realistically looking food

  • look development of "Burn's" glowing tassels

  • lighting, rendering and compositing of complex "one-off" shots in a full site of the Indianapolis raceway that included 400 000 crowd pieces

  • worked on more than 15 shots for various movie trailers

  • mentored two Lighting Techincal Assistants who were new to the studio